Ranallo Signs New Deal With WWE

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Ranallo Signs New Deal With WWE

Mauro Ranallo has reportedly signed a brand new deal with the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment. He will continue his role as the lead announced for WWE NXT according to a report by PWInsider. They deal was made about a month ago and all the terms were decided then.

It is only now that he has reportedly signed the deal. Ranallo will also be able to continue his career in MMA and work outside of the WWE. Ranallo joined the WWE and started working for Smackdown in December 2015. He left the company in April 2017, and made his return to the company in June of the same year.

He then became the lead announcer for NXT. At that time, reports stated that he signed a deal which would last for many years. Ranallo has worked at the Cruiserweight Class and 205 Live. He also works for Bellator MM and Showtime Networks..

WWE announcers and commentators play a huge role in the overall quality of all WWE products. The commentators make the match exciting for the fans and those watching at home. There are certain details that the fans may miss during a match, and the commentators talk about that.

They also tell the names of each and every move which helps the fans become familiar to the move set of a particular wrestler. Commentators can also create excitement.