WWE's Missing Superstar: 62 Days Since Draft, Fans Left in Shock


WWE's Missing Superstar: 62 Days Since Draft, Fans Left in Shock

In a surprising turn of events, WWE fans have been left bewildered as promising Superstar Odyssey Jones, who moved to RAW during this year's highly anticipated Draft, has yet to make a single appearance on the show. With 62 days since his Draft, the absence of Jones from WWE programming has become a h*t topic among wrestling enthusiasts.

The Draft, announced by Triple H in April, took place on April 28 and May 1, resulting in a significant roster shakeup as numerous stars were relocated between RAW and SmackDown. Additionally, several talented individuals from NXT were allowed to step up and join the main roster.

Among the NXT standouts called up were Alba Fyre, Isla Dawn, Indi Hartwell, Apollo Crews, JD McDonagh, Zoey Stark, Pretty Deadly, Katana Chance, Kayden Carter, Cameron Grimes, Grayson Waller, Indus Sher, and the enigmatic Odyssey Jones.

The Elusive Odyssey Jones: A Puzzling Absence

While most newly promoted talents swiftly found their footing and made their presence felt, Jones has yet to be conspicuously absent from WWE screens. Despite the anticipation generated by a thrilling hype video teasing his impending debut, fans have been in suspense as the days turn into weeks without any sign of Jones.

In contrast, Hartwell and Waller, although currently sidelined with injuries, have still made on-screen appearances outside the ring. The absence of Jones has not gone unnoticed, with wrestling fans taking to social media platforms like Twitter to voice their perplexity.

Some fans have resorted to humor, playfully suggesting that Jones has embarked on an unprecedented "generational run" backstage, referring to his extended absence from televised action. Others have compared his elusive nature to that of WWE megastar Roman Reigns, highlighting that Jones has made even fewer appearances than the highly selective Reigns.

In an ironic twist, a fan's tweet revealed their failure to recognize Jones, underscoring how long he has been absent from WWE programming. Another fan, in a tongue-in-cheek remark, bestowed upon Jones the title of a "five-time catering champion," implying that he has become a permanent fixture in the catering area rather than a regular on television.

Some enthusiasts even humorously dubbed Jones the new John Cena, drawing parallels to the legendary wrestler's catchphrase "You can't see me," as Jones has similarly become invisible to the WWE audience. As speculation runs rampant, it remains unclear whether Jones is currently nursing an injury, having last been seen competing in NXT just before his call-up in April.

WWE fans eagerly await any updates or hints regarding Jones' anticipated debut, yearning for his eventual appearance to quench their curiosity and ignite new storylines in the electrifying world of professional wrestling.