Konnan Teases Major Network Lucha Show: 'Lucha Underground Was Just a Taste'

Konnan's Ambitious Plans: Lucha Libre's Evolution and Global Expansion

by Atia Mukhtar
Konnan Teases Major Network Lucha Show: 'Lucha Underground Was Just a Taste'

Konnan, the esteemed head booker of Mexico's AAA promotion, has achieved numerous milestones in his illustrious professional wrestling career. However, he still harbors a burning desire to fulfill one of his remaining dreams before retiring from the business.

During an interview with Haus of Wrestling on Inside The Ropes, Konnan expressed his fervent aspiration to showcase the art of Lucha Libre on a grand stage in the United States. Confident in his vision's realization, he declared, "It's not if, it's when, and that's gonna happen probably within the next two years, that's guaranteed." Drawing from his experience working on "Lucha Underground," Konnan emphasized that the former El Rey Network show laid the foundation for his vision of televised Lucha Libre.

He envisioned a TV show with a significant network that would go beyond what "Lucha Underground" achieved. In his words, the previous show was merely an appetizer, whereas his concept would offer raw, unfiltered Lucha Libre with a Latin-centric twist.

"Music and Expansion: Konnan's Vision"

Promising an immersive experience, Konnan discussed incorporating music into the show, inspired by the recent surge in Latin American music sales led by artists like Bad Bunny. As he pursued his goal of introducing Lucha Libre to the United States, Konnan also suggested that WWE could learn from the expansion of its "NXT" developmental program by venturing into Mexico, paralleling the company's endeavors in Europe following the closure of "NXT UK." However, Konnan's ambitions extended beyond Lucha Libre's introduction to the United States.

He recently advocated for establishing a union in professional wrestling, urging All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and WWE to consider such a framework. For any references or quotes in this article, proper credit should be given to Haus of Wrestling and Inside The Ropes, mentioning Wrestling Inc.

for their transcription. Konnan's determination to bring Lucha Libre to the American audience and his broader vision for the wrestling industry demonstrate his unwavering passion and commitment to evolving the sport. As fans eagerly await his plans, the future holds the potential for an exciting new era in the world of Lucha Libre.