Hilarious Promo Memories: WWE Hall of Famer Vince's Near-Death Experience


Hilarious Promo Memories: WWE Hall of Famer Vince's Near-Death Experience
Hilarious Promo Memories: WWE Hall of Famer Vince's Near-Death Experience

WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long recently took a trip down memory lane, recounting a side-splitting moment from his wrestling career when he delivered a memorable promo on Jerry Lawler in Memphis. Long, renowned for his tenure as the SmackDown General Manager starting in 2004, reminisced about his earlier days managing wrestlers such as Rodney Mack, D'Lo Brown, and Mark Henry.

Notably, Mack gained fame for his "White Boy" challenges, where he would dominate opponents until the legendary Goldberg halted his impressive streak. During a conversation on Sportskeeda Wrestling's The Wrestling Time Machine podcast, hosted by Mac Davis, Teddy Long shared an entertaining anecdote about him and Rodney Mack issuing a challenge to Jerry Lawler during a show in Memphis.

Long vividly recalled the aftermath of his fiery promo, which left none other than Vince McMahon himself unable to contain his laughter.

Unleashing Hilarious Taunt: Vince McMahon's Laughter Explodes

Long's promo aimed to ruffle Lawler's feathers by addressing the audience's perception of the wrestler as a king.

"I know these people here in Memphis; they think you're a king," Long taunted, "Well, you're not a king to me. All you're to me is just another cracker with the crown." The impact of those words proved irresistible to Vince McMahon, as the WWE Chairman erupted with laughter at Long's taunt's sheer audacity and humor.

Reminiscing about the incident, Teddy Long fondly shared the experience. "Vince was just dying," he chuckled, recalling McMahon's infectious laughter in response to his comedic barb towards Lawler. The memory of that particular promo continues to bring amusement to both Long and fans alike, showcasing the lighter side of the wrestling industry and the ability to entertain both in and out of the ring.

As Teddy Long's trip down memory lane proves, the art of cutting a promo is not only about stirring emotions or igniting rivalries—it can also serve as a platform for injecting humor and lightheartedness into the world of professional wrestling.

The anecdote serves as a testament to wrestling superstars' dynamic personalities and creative wit, forever etching their stories into the annals of WWE history.

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