Booker T Believes WWE Should Push LA Knight To The Top


Booker T Believes WWE Should Push LA Knight To The Top
Booker T Believes WWE Should Push LA Knight To The Top

You know that a WWE wrestler is special if they receive praise for legendary WWE wrestler Booker T. Booker T has been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame twice. He was at one time one of the most famous wrestlers in the WCW. He won the WCW Title 5 times.

He is also a former WWE Heavyweight Champion.

Booker T Talks About Letting LA Knight Win a Title Soon

Booker T is no longer an active WWE wrestler. Despite that, he is still quite relevant in the professional wrestling industry as he runs a podcast that has helped him maintain a solid connection with his fans.

On his podcast, he spoke about LA Knight. LA Knight is a rising star in the WWE. He is getting very positive reactions from the crowd. But for some reason, WWE still hasn’t started pushing him to the top. He still hasn’t won any major title in the WWE or is part of any important storyline.

According to Booker T, the WWE should think about putting a rocket on him. Booker T believes that LA Knight should be the one to win the MITB briefcase this year. "Quit messing around, put the title on him, you know what I am saying? That's my thing, when you've got a guy like him, he's rare, very rare," Booker said on "The Hall Of Fame." "He's organic, he's figured it out on his own.

When you've got guys like that you've just got to put them in the game." Booker T revealed that he has been watching LA Knight perform regularly. Booker T is glad that Knight is getting the praise that Booker T believes Knight deserves.

This is because Knight is a very experienced wrestler. Knight started his WWE career in NXT. He moved to the main roster a while back. Since he has been featured regularly, there is a chance that he might win a title soon. "I watched that dude sit and get a little bit of nothing and go out there and sprinkle a little bit of salt and pepper on it," Booker said.

"It feels good, you know what I mean? You want to get behind him and the thing is, he hasn't been the chosen one or anything like that. Another thing I say all the time, you've got to win by attrition."

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