Christian & Edge: Beyond the Ring and Into Friendship


Christian & Edge: Beyond the Ring and Into Friendship
Christian & Edge: Beyond the Ring and Into Friendship

Celebrated WWE duo Edge and Christian Cage may have built significant individual careers, yet their shared history as a wrestling tag team remains indelible in the minds of fans. The pair, introduced as fictitious brothers in WWE in the late 90s, have sustained a strong friendship nearly 26 years after stepping into the limelight, a feat they've managed despite representing different wrestling promotions.

In a candid conversation on the "Swerve City Podcast," Christian delved into their enduring friendship, revealing how they’ve kept their camaraderie intact amid an industry notorious for disintegrating relationships.

He humorously confessed, "Believe me, I've tried [to get rid of him] but he keeps coming back." Christian narrated how their friendship kindled when he relocated to a new town in sixth grade. As a timid child, he encountered Adam "Edge" Copeland, who not only put him at ease but also shared his love for wrestling, forging an instant bond.

"Adam and I also bonded over a Ninja throwing star," Christian recalled. "He was an artistic individual, often drawing us as a tag team. We spent time wrestling on mattresses in the yard – despite not endorsing such behavior – discussing wrestling training schools and our mutual dream of making it big." Their dreams eventually materialized, but the journey wasn't without trials.

The duo had to wrestle matches for a paltry $10 and endure periods of self-doubt, questioning if their struggles were worth the potential payoff. But their mutual support system motivated them to persist until they made it to the big leagues.

Preserving Brotherhood Beyond Tag-Team

Once they reached the top, Christian divulged they planned their eventual split into singles wrestling careers. "We never wanted to become a stale act, clinging to the team longer than necessary," he emphasized.

Unlike other disbanded teams, Edge and Christian never encountered jealousy; their mutual respect and support remained unshakeable. "We celebrated our victories together, and supported each other through defeats," Christian stated.

"That's always been our way." Addressing the potential impact of social media on their relationship, Christian affirmed their bond wouldn't be affected. He noted, "People often compare us, but it doesn't bother me. Our relationship wouldn't have been affected by social media." In wrapping up, Christian likened Edge to a family member, fondly reminiscing about road trips with Edge and his family.

"Edge often spent weekends at my place, and he was always welcome. Our shared experiences formed a solid foundation that helped us maintain a lifelong bond, transforming us from friends to brothers."

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