Rob Van Dam Reflects on McMahon's Impact, Updates on His WWE Status

Wrestling legend Rob Van Dam gives insight into WWE dynamics.

by Noman Rasool
Rob Van Dam Reflects on McMahon's Impact, Updates on His WWE Status

Rob Van Dam, one of his generation's most recognized and celebrated wrestlers, recently weighed in on the substantial legacy that WWE's Vince McMahon has left on the industry. The icon affectionately known as RVD pointed to McMahon's groundbreaking efforts in transforming professional wrestling from a regionalized sports entertainment phenomenon into a billion-dollar global juggernaut.

"Vince is the man, and he will be remembered as the individual who single-handedly revolutionized professional wrestling," Van Dam said. He appreciated McMahon's unwavering commitment to the sport, which has spanned decades, creating numerous careers and turning ordinary athletes into superstars.

RVD couldn't envision another figure making such an immense impact on the sport. "Not saying they won't appear, but I can't see it happening," he admitted.

RVD Defends McMahon Against Criticism

Van Dam also addressed the criticism often directed toward McMahon.

He argued against those who blamed the WWE boss for their struggles post-WWE, particularly related to substance abuse. RVD highlighted the WWE's efforts to aid wrestlers, including funding rehab programs for those struggling with addiction, regardless of their tenure in the company.

He sympathized with McMahon, acknowledging that blaming him for individual wrestlers' pitfalls seemed unfair and misplaced. "When I see people trying to pin everything on Vince, I can't help but disagree," he said. "He comes off as intelligent in his response.

Why hold him accountable for things I don't believe are his responsibility?"
Shifting gears to his current standing with the WWE, Van Dam discussed the absence of contact from the company. Despite many fans' queries about his return, RVD revealed that he hadn't been approached for any comeback.

"I was waiting for them to contact me," he shared, revealing that after a year of silence, he attended a show near his home in LA. RVD humorously recounted his conversation with Mark Carrano, WWE's talent relations executive, jesting, "Did you lose my number?" Van Dam made it clear that he wasn't avoiding the ring.

Instead, the ball was in WWE's court. "People ask why I'm not there, and my response is simple: 'They're not calling me,'" he explained, further elucidating the complexities of his relationship with the WWE.

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