LA Knight Reveals Cash-In Plans for WWE Money in The Bank 2023 Win

Wrestler LA Knight unveils his championship plans in an interview.

by Noman Rasool
LA Knight Reveals Cash-In Plans for WWE Money in The Bank 2023 Win

One of the foremost professional wrestlers, LA Knight, recently shared his plans for the imminent WWE Money in the Bank event. The reputable wrestler is set to participate in the famed men's ladder match scheduled for this Saturday.

A victory in this grand event would secure Knight the much-coveted briefcase, propelling him to an immediate title shot at any male-specific championship. During a recent dialogue on "Mark Andrews: My Love Letter to Wrestling," Knight showed his strategic vision for the potential championship shot.

Knight's hunger for glory in the wrestling ring is undisguised, as he reveals an audacious goal. The reigning and seemingly indomitable Roman Reigns is in his crosshairs, boasting a prodigious, record-breaking reign with the WWE Universal Title.

"In a perfect world, I have my sights trained firmly on Roman Reigns," Knight shared. "He's held the Universal Title for over a thousand days. Imagine the prestige of being the one to end that remarkable run."

Knight Eyes Rollins' Coveted Title

At the same time, Knight is taking into account other potential opportunities.

Seth Rollins' impressive performance and his glimmering new title belt have not escaped Knight's notice. He voiced, "Seth's new, beautiful belt is too enticing. It's a trophy I wouldn't mind having mounted on my wall." Historically, most Money in the Bank briefcase victors has capitalized on their opportunity by challenging WWE's World Champions.

However, LA Knight is open to past trends. The highly versatile wrestler also appears to entertain the possibility of a mid-card title shot. "I have always coveted the Intercontinental Title," he confessed. "The prestigious lineage associated with that belt, the titans of wrestling who have held it—it's very tempting.

And let's not forget the United States Championship. I fondly recall my foam version of the US Title from childhood. Winning that would be poetic and would bring my journey full circle." Knight's diverse ambition is clear—he eyes several belts across the roster, irrespective of the conventional trajectory. Credit to "Mark Andrews: My Love Letter to Wrestling" and h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcript.

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