WWE's Angelo Dawkins Eyes Iconic Match Recreation


WWE's Angelo Dawkins Eyes Iconic Match Recreation

One of WWE's charismatic talents, Angelo Dawkins, has revealed a unique ambition not necessarily for traditional wrestling greatness but for creating unforgettable moments. His recent conversation on the show "Highly Dishfunctional" sheds light on his pursuit of an unconventional wrestling match—one that mirrors an iconic moment in WWE history.

When queried about his favorite wrestling spectacles, Dawkins responded not with a traditional ring event but with the infamous brawl between "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Booker T in a grocery store. "Booker T vs. Stone Cold in a grocery store, forever etched in my mind as the ultimate wrestling moment," declared Dawkins.

He continued, expressing his strong desire to recreate this unexpected event. "If there's one aspiration I hold in my wrestling career, it is to fight in a grocery store."

Dawkins' Grocery Store Match Aspiration

Expressing his enthusiasm for this unconventional setting, Dawkins added, "I'm striving to engage in a match amidst the grocery aisles, where I can use a jug of milk as a weapon or toss an onion into someone's face to evoke their tears." This memorable moment from 2001 has long been appreciated by fans for its creativity and humor.

It also played a pivotal role in introducing Booker T, a five-time WCW World Champion, to WWE audiences, especially when the much-criticized Invasion storyline failed to spotlight the former WCW talents adequately. Booker T, however, reflects on this episode with mixed feelings.

Despite a career that spans over 20 years and numerous titles, this grocery store brawl remains one of his most memorable moments. "Of all the things I've achieved, getting beaten up in a grocery store stands out the most," Booker noted in an interview last year.

"I have to say, though, it's a moment I can get behind." Dawkins' unique ambition elucidates the creative approach he and his partner, Montez Ford, employed during their feud with The Viking Raiders. Amidst the pandemic, their rivalry ventured beyond the wrestling ring, encompassing bowling games and other unconventional contests.

This creative deviation increasingly appears to be Dawkins's pursuit of achieving the same legendary status as the grocery store brawl.