Bully Ray: Cody Rhodes & Dominik Mysterio WWE Show a 'Perfect Storm

Unpacking wrestling dynamics with Bully Ray's insightful perspective.

by Atia Mukhtar
Bully Ray: Cody Rhodes & Dominik Mysterio WWE Show a 'Perfect Storm

This upcoming Saturday at the renowned Money in the Bank event, wrestling enthusiasts will witness a riveting face-off between Cody Rhodes and Dominik Mysterio. Providing his expert insights on the forthcoming battle, wrestling legend Bully Ray illustrated the scenario as 'the perfect storm' in his recent "Busted Open Radio" session.

Ray drew attention to the polar opposites that Rhodes and Mysterio represent when it comes to fan reactions. Rhodes, the veteran beloved by many, versus Mysterio, the youthful contender, often drawing ire. He posed a compelling question: "Is Cody more loved than Dom is hated? Or is Dom hated more than Cody is loved?"

Heel's Role Amplifies Affinity

Ray delved into the significant role of the villain, or 'heel', in wrestling - a character type he argues is fading.

He maintains that the heel plays a pivotal role in scenes such as this, capable of driving an audience's reaction. Even if fans loathe Mysterio more than they love Rhodes, it only serves to strengthen the audience's affinity for the "American Nightmare." Expanding on the heel concept, Ray emphasized, "If you hate Dom more than you love Cody, what is that going to force you to do to Cody? Love him even more." He argued that a hero, or 'babyface', can only achieve so much adoration independently.

The antagonist's role is essential to propel the hero's reception to the next echelon, especially when the villain holds as much contempt as Mysterio does. While maintaining an air of suspense, Ray didn't disclose specifics.

However, he affirmed his conviction in understanding how the impending encounter between the two wrestling giants would unfold in London, England. He reassured listeners, saying, "I don't want to stooge it off for anybody because I want our fans to enjoy it." In his expert opinion, all the elements are ideally set at Money in the Bank for Rhodes and Mysterio to deliver a tantalizing lead-up to the much-anticipated SummerSlam. Whatever transpires next for Cody Rhodes will surely be a spectacle to watch.

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