WWE's Liv Morgan and Michin Propose Exciting All-Women's Weekly Showcase!

Women of WWE Share Vision for Future of Women's Wrestling

by Noman Rasool
WWE's Liv Morgan and Michin Propose Exciting All-Women's Weekly Showcase!

In a quest for continued progress and gender equality, the talented women of WWE are determined to explore new frontiers and set the stage for their next groundbreaking move. Having witnessed the Women's Evolution revolutionize their division over the past decade, WWE's female stars are now pondering the question: what comes next? Liv Morgan and Michin (formerly known as Mia Yim), two prominent figures in WWE, recently sat down with "Haus of Wrestling" to discuss their thoughts and propose an exciting concept that could reshape the landscape of women's wrestling.

Reflecting on the remarkable advancements achieved by the women's division, Morgan expressed her hope for more opportunities and increased airtime. With ardent enthusiasm, she shared an intriguing idea: "Maybe an all-female show, who knows?" This notion was met with immediate support from Michin, who wholeheartedly endorsed the concept of a weekly all- women's showcase.

Embracing Equality and Celebrating Talent

Morgan further elaborated, emphasizing the exceptional talent and roster depth within the women's division: "We have the talent and the roster to do it." However, she noted that, for now, the focus is on relishing equality.

The women are no longer relegated to accessory roles but stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their male counterparts. The joy of being perceived as equals on the grand stage of WWE is something they collectively appreciate, demonstrating their determination to validate the company's decision to prioritize gender parity.

Earlier this year, WWE's Senior Vice President of Live Events, Brian "Road Dogg" James, also discussed the possibility of an all women's show. While acknowledging the need for a thorough examination of its commercial viability, James admitted that WWE undeniably boasts an abundance of talented women capable of delivering a two-hour weekly spectacle.

The prospect of a dedicated all-women's show would mark another significant milestone in WWE's ongoing commitment to women's wrestling. It would provide a platform to showcase its female stars' incredible athleticism, charisma, and storytelling prowess.

Moreover, such a venture would not only cater to the ever-growing fan base of women's wrestling but also serve as a powerful statement on the continued progress and evolution of the industry. As the conversations surrounding this groundbreaking idea continue to gain traction, fans and wrestlers eagerly anticipate the potential realization of a weekly all-women's show within the WWE universe.

With Liv Morgan and Michin spearheading this passionate discussion, the future of women's wrestling in WWE looks brighter than ever, promising new avenues of empowerment and uncharted opportunities for its remarkable female talent.

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