Kurt Angle's Verdict: Shawn Michaels, WWE Hall of Famer, Reigns as 'The GOAT'


Kurt Angle's Verdict: Shawn Michaels, WWE Hall of Famer, Reigns as 'The GOAT'

Shawn Michaels, a name synonymous with greatness in professional wrestling, has consistently been part of conversations about the "best of all time." One notable admirer of Michaels is the WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle. In a recent episode of "The Kurt Angle Show," the Olympic Gold Medalist showered praise on Michaels, declaring him the most outstanding wrestler of all time, coinciding with celebrating the 35th anniversary of Michaels' WWE debut.

When asked about Michaels, Angle enthusiastically proclaimed, "You know what? All I can say about [Shawn Michaels] is he's the best of all time." Angle highlighted Michaels' amazing chemistry with every wrestler he has ever faced, including Angle himself.

The former Olympic champion spoke highly of his experiences working with Michaels, emphasizing the ease and enjoyment he felt collaborating with the legendary performer. Angle also marveled at Michaels' unprecedented longevity in the industry, having dedicated 35 years of his life to WWE, a feat rarely achieved by any individual.

Michaels' Mentorship: Legendary Collaborations

Furthermore, Angle commended Michaels as an exceptional teacher, their association stemming from numerous collaborations. Their encounters included memorable singles match at WWE WrestleMania 21 and a thrilling 30-minute Iron Man check on an episode of "WWE Raw" in October 2005.

Michaels' profound impact on Angle's career and the industry is evident through their extensive shared experiences. Interestingly, Michaels has shied away from labeling himself as one of the greatest wrestlers ever. While the WWE executive may have had a different perspective in his younger days, he now leaves that discussion to others.

It's worth noting that Angle has previously named wrestlers other than Michaels as his personal choices for the greatest ever, with Bret Hart and Chris Jericho earning his admiration. Angle even suggested that Jericho had surpassed Michaels in claiming the coveted "GOAT." Each of these individuals possesses undeniable qualities that make a strong case for their inclusion in the pantheon of wrestling greatness.

In professional wrestling, where opinions on the greatest of all time may differ, Kurt Angle's unequivocal endorsement of Shawn Michaels as the best serves as a testament to Michaels' enduring legacy and undeniable impact on the industry.

With Michaels' remarkable contributions spanning several decades, his standing as an iconic figure in the annals of wrestling history remains unchallenged.

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