Christian Cage Expresses Doubt Over Popular WWE Theme

Delving into the untold story behind Christian Cage's iconic theme.

by Noman Rasool
Christian Cage Expresses Doubt Over Popular WWE Theme

Professional wrestler Christian Cage recently opened up about his uncertainty regarding one of his more popular WWE theme songs, "At Last." According to Cage, the tune was different from what he initially anticipated. He admits to being taken aback when he first heard the song pitched for his entrance theme.

"I was utterly unsure about the theme. 'Christian, Christian, you're on your own" did not resonate with me when it was first introduced," Cage stated. He explained that he had proposed a completely different theme, which he thought would be the new music accompanying his ring entrance.

The surprise of hearing "At Last" was intense.

Cage's Initial Reaction Unveiled

Cage vividly described his reaction to the tune, "You know that feeling when you are embarrassed, and you start sweating, feeling like all eyes are on you? That was me when I first heard the music." He explained that the music was so offbeat and unexpected that it turned heads.

As he tried to practice his entrance with this new theme, he found it difficult to conceal his apprehension. The tune was, in his words, "so out there" that he even questioned its quality in discussions with the music producer.

"During my chat with the music producer, he mentioned that the executives loved the music and planned to include it on the album," Cage recounted. Aware of the significant royalties of album inclusion, he attempted to come to terms with it, stating, ironically, "Oh, I love it.

It's great music." Over time, however, Cage's attitude towards "At Last" softened as he started to see its unique appeal. "It was so bizarre, yet so compelling that it somehow became good," he reflected. He mentioned how the theme has endured over the years, something he realized when fans randomly sang the tune to him in public places like malls.

"Even today, I can be strolling through a mall, and from afar, I'll hear a fan echo, 'Christian, Christian.' Then I realize the theme has truly stood the test of time." Cage concluded, "After that initial shock, I embraced it, even when the golden shower accompanied it during my entrance." Thus, what began as an unexpected, unsettling theme song became an iconic part of Christian Cage's WWE legacy, demonstrating how time and perspective can change one's initial perception.

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