Takeshita Cites Omega as Mentor in DDT Wrestling Journey


Takeshita Cites Omega as Mentor in DDT Wrestling Journey

AEW's rising star, Konosuke Takeshita, recently sat down for an engaging conversation with Chris Jericho on the "Talk Is Jericho" podcast. In this captivating discussion, Takeshita opened up about his wrestling journey, particularly his formative years with DDT Pro Wrestling in Japan, where he received tutelage from none other than Kenny Omega, a celebrated name in the wrestling world.

Omega's Mentorship Shapes Takeshita

Takeshita nostalgically recalled how, roughly a decade ago, Omega served as his mentor, shaping his future in the wrestling world. Despite their shared roots in DDT, Takeshita watched Omega branch off, making a name for himself in NJPW and, eventually, AEW.

Omega's steadfast faith in Takeshita's potential was a significant motivator. He remembered Omega telling him, "You can be a big star and wrestler." This constant encouragement spurred Takeshita to believe in his ability to impact the wrestling world significantly.

However, Takeshita's journey was tinged with melancholy as he watched his mentor leave DDT, breaking their shared bond. While he continued to evolve within DDT over the past decade, he watched Omega make strides in NJPW and AEW.

Having honed his skills and climbed the wrestling ladder, Takeshita confidently asserts he can take on Omega at any time. Jericho later steered the conversation towards Takeshita's decision to pursue his career in DDT Pro instead of other renowned Japanese companies like NJPW, AJPW, or NOAH.

In response, Takeshita revealed an intriguing backstory. As a 12-year-old aspiring wrestler, he sent letters to major Japanese wrestling companies expressing his interest in training with them. Despite his diligent efforts, he received a response only from DDT.

DDT, in their reply, offered the eager young Takeshita an opportunity to prove his mettle, albeit three years later when he would turn 15. Trusting the organization's promise, Takeshita held onto his dream. As anticipated, he was given a chance at DDT and succeeded, setting him on a path to becoming the accomplished wrestler he is today.

This nostalgic revelation adds an insightful dimension to Takeshita's wrestling journey, highlighting his immense passion for the sport from a young age.