Kurt Angle's Confidence in Joining ECW: Why He Wasn't Worried About WWE's Decision

Kurt Angle Reflects on his Impactful Stint with ECW

by Noman Rasool
Kurt Angle's Confidence in Joining ECW: Why He Wasn't Worried About WWE's Decision

When reflecting on Kurt Angle's involvement with ECW, one cannot help but recall the intriguing twist of fate that brought him to the promotion. In 1996, Angle had initially considered joining ECW but ultimately walked away after witnessing the controversial crucifixion angle involving Raven and The Sandman.

However, destiny had other plans, and Angle eventually found himself working for ECW in 2006 after it was resurrected under the WWE umbrella. He engaged in a captivating feud with Randy Orton, which blurred the lines between ECW and WWE programming.

Angle's Confidence in ECW's Potential

Recently, Angle shared his perspective on his time with the ECW brand during an episode of "The Kurt Angle Show." When asked if he had any concerns about being assigned to ECW, considering its position as a distant third brand behind "WWE Raw" and "WWE SmackDown," Angle revealed an intriguing insight.

Surprisingly, the Hall of Famer initially had no apprehensions due to his belief in the cross-promotion efforts between "Raw," "SmackDown," and ECW, which he expected would increase viewership. "I had confidence that the first few shows would generate high ratings," Angle explained.

"So, initially, I wasn't too worried about it. However, I would have been more concerned if it had been five or six months when ECW had to stand independently without the support of WWE. But right from the beginning, I knew that ECW would garner significant attention." Ultimately, Angle's tenure in ECW was shorter than anticipated, as he departed WWE in August of that year, citing health reasons.

This departure led him to spend over a decade away from WWE, during which time he plied his trade in TNA/Impact Wrestling. In hindsight, Angle's faith in the initial promotion of ECW proved valid. The brand received considerable exposure and benefited from the support of its sister shows.

Nonetheless, his departure prevented him from witnessing the potential challenges ECW might have faced as an independent entity. Regardless, Angle's involvement in ECW added another chapter to his storied career, leaving fans to ponder what might have been had circumstances changed.

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