Booker T's Raves About WWE NXT's Epic Match of the Week!

Baron Corbin's return to "NXT" sparks intense championship clash.

by Noman Rasool
Booker T's Raves About WWE NXT's Epic Match of the Week!

In an electrifying showdown on "NXT," reigning champion Carmelo Hayes successfully defended his coveted title against the formidable returning force of Baron Corbin. The clash, which took place during week two of the exhilarating "NXT" Gold Rush, left the WWE Universe on the edge of their seats as Hayes showcased his resilience and Corbin resurrected his legendary "Lone Wolf" persona.

Discussing the memorable encounter on "The Hall of Fame" podcast, WWE Hall of Famer and esteemed "NXT" commentator Booker T spared no praise for the intense championship match.

Booker T Applauds Competitors' Stellar Performances

Reflecting on the battle, Booker T couldn't help but express his admiration for both competitors, commending their remarkable performances inside the squared circle.

"That boy Carmelo Hayes was put through the wringer in that match," Booker T acknowledged, highlighting the relentless assault he endured from the relentless Corbin. "Baron Corbin truly stepped up and allowed that young man to shine.

Working with someone of Corbin's caliber, Finn Balor and Seth Rollins, is like receiving invaluable on-the-job training. It's the knowledge that can't be acquired in any wrestling school," Booker T remarked, underscoring the incredible opportunity that wrestling alongside seasoned veterans presents.

Booker T noted the resurgence of Corbin's "Lone Wolf" persona, a transformation that added an extra layer of intensity to the encounter. The in-ring spectacle captivated the WWE Hall of Famer, relishing the opportunity to witness two competitors giving their all.

"I thoroughly enjoyed sitting ringside for matches like these, where these guys leave everything in the center of that ring. It was a thing of beauty," he raved. The legendary commentator's words served as a testament to the sheer physicality and emotional investment of both Hayes and Corbin.

Despite facing a barrage of punishment, Carmelo Hayes proved his mettle as a champion, weathering the storm and emerging triumphant. Corbin's tenacity and strategic brilliance added an extra layer of excitement, making for a contest that will be remembered for years.

As the dust settles on this gripping clash, the WWE Universe awaits the next chapter in Carmelo Hayes' championship reign, fueled by the invaluable lessons learned during his encounter with the resurgent Baron Corbin. With each passing challenge, Hayes continues to solidify his status as a rising star in professional wrestling. At the same time, Corbin's resurgence reminds him of his undying resilience and relentless pursuit of glory.

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