Kurt Angle Speaks About His Time at ECW


Kurt Angle Speaks About His Time at ECW
Kurt Angle Speaks About His Time at ECW

Many hardcore wrestling fans remember the brutality of ECW matches. It was the only promotion besides the WCW that people could watch if they didn’t like the WWE. ECW could never reach the height that the WWE did, and the WWE eventually bought it.

However, ECW produced many original wrestlers that became part of WWE and WCW. Some of them are still competing at some level today.

Kurt Angle Talks About Being Put on ECW and His Short Run There

Kurt Angle, the legendary WWE Hall of Fame wrestler, was also part of ECW for a short time.

Kurt Angle is mainly known for his work in the WWE. He nearly joined ECW in 1996. However, he witnessed the crucifixion angle between Raven and the Sandman. This prompted him to walk out of the company. Even though that happened, we saw Kurt work for ECW when it was revived by the WWE.

This was in 2006 when Kurt was feuding with Randy Orton. Kurt and Randy’s segments would take place on ECW and WWE programming. Even though Kurt Angle is no longer an active professional wrestler, he connects with his fans through his podcast.

One of his fans asked him about his time at ECW. They asked whether Kurt was worried about ECW at the time it was revived and put on the show. ECW was seen as WWE’s third brand and never received the stature that WWE RAW and Smackdown had.

Kurt revealed that he was never concerned about being put on the show. He thought that ECW will help the WWE get better viewership numbers. "I knew the first shows were going to be really highly rated," Angle said. "So I wasn't that concerned about it.

But down the road, I would've been concerned, like five, six months down the road, because then you won't have that support of WWE, and you're on your own with ECW. But at the beginning, I knew that ECW ratings would be high." Kurt Angles’ run in ECW was extremely short though.

Angle left the WWE as he was suffering from health problems. Many people know about the fact that he was addicted to pain killers. He left the WWE in August 2006. He returned to the WWE about 10 years later. He worked for TNA, now known as Impact Wrestling, after leaving the WWE where he wrestled some legendary wrestlers, including Sting.

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