Becky Lynch Believes Seth Rollins' WWE Money In The Bank Triumph is Unsurpassable


Becky Lynch Believes Seth Rollins' WWE Money In The Bank Triumph is Unsurpassable

Becky Lynch, the renowned WWE superstar, is on the precipice of adding another prestigious feather to her cap at the forthcoming Money In The Bank event. However, even if she wins, she remains skeptical about her ability to outdo Seth Rollins' legendary cash-in.

On the "After The Bell" podcast, Lynch expressed her belief that Rollins' Money In The Bank cash-in retains an unmatched status. "I don't think anybody is going to be able to take that crown," she shared. According to her, acknowledging Rollins' unique achievement and moving forward is the only feasible option.

It's a testament to Rollins' impact during WrestleMania 31 when he made history as the first and only wrestler to use the Money In The Bank briefcase at the grandest wrestling event.

Lynch's Personal Connection to WrestleMania

Lynch's connection to Rollins' monumental moment extends beyond professional admiration.

It intertwines with her journey in wrestling. "That was my first experience of WrestleMania live, in-person, standing in the audience watching him," Lynch reminisced, referring to when she was an NXT talent brought up to experience the spectacle of WrestleMania.

The powerful energy of the event left an indelible impression on her, amplifying the significance of Rollins' achievement. The connection between Lynch and Rollins was further strengthened by their friendship, even though they weren't romantically involved at the time.

Lynch confessed her emotional connection to Rollins' win, admitting that his success sparked a sense of happiness in her, owing to their camaraderie. In the present scenario, Lynch focuses on carving her path toward victory.

She's stepping into the spotlight of the annual ladder matches with the ambition to reestablish herself as a prime contender for the title. "I would always try to have the best cash in history," she articulated, displaying her resolve to make her mark in wrestling history.

However, she accepted the likelihood that the proverbial crown of the best cash-in might forever belong to Rollins. "I just think that crown, he has claimed that kingdom for eternity," Lynch conceded, cementing Rollins' unique legacy in WWE history.

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