Jimmy Uso Discusses Naomi WWE Departure

Wrestling star Jimmy Uso navigates professional life post upheaval.

by Atia Mukhtar
Jimmy Uso Discusses Naomi WWE Departure

WWE star Jimmy Uso has recently opened up about the unsettling period surrounding his wife, Trinity's sudden exit from WWE, which has now become a legendary event in the world of wrestling. It all transpired back in May 2022, during a regular Monday Night Raw episode.

Sasha Banks, now known as Mercedes Mone, and Naomi, now Trinity in IMPACT Wrestling, astonishingly abandoned the show midway, still clutching their WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions titles. While Mercedes Mone moved to NJPW, Trinity found her new home in IMPACT Wrestling.

In a recent candid discussion with Ariel Helwani for BT Sport, Uso shed light on the series of events from his perspective. Uso disclosed that he learned of Trinity's abrupt departure only after his own match. "My prime concern was always her,” Uso admitted.

“Ensuring she was alright overpowered any worries I could have for myself. That day, amidst my own match, I wasn't privy to her decisions. Upon my return backstage, I was informed that she had left, adding fuel to the already heated situation."

Adjusting to Trinity's Absence

Uso then noted the significant change in his professional life following Trinity's departure.

Spending more than a decade on the road together, adjusting to her absence has been a challenge. “It’s definitely odd,” Uso added. "For the first time in 12 years, our shared professional journey came to a standstill, significantly altering our routines.

The limited time together, given our schedules, has been a challenge, but we manage." Despite their separation, Uso expressed Trinity's fulfillment with her new journey. The freedom to dictate her own pace, dabble in Broadway, music, and acting, have all contributed to her satisfaction.

However, he did not exclude the possibility of a future return to WWE. “She hasn't closed the doors on WWE. We initiated our careers here, and ideally, we'd like to culminate them here too. She’s absolutely open to a comeback, but it hinges on the right timing and fit,” said Uso.

Meanwhile, Uso faces familial discord as he and his brother Jey will clash with Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa in The Bloodline Civil War at Money In The Bank.

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