Kevin Nash Reflects on Collaborating with Stone Cold Steve Austin

Exploring off-screen camaraderie among WWE legends in Hollywood.

by Noman Rasool
Kevin Nash Reflects on Collaborating with Stone Cold Steve Austin

Famed professional wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin is widely renowned for his casual fondness for a refreshing beverages. His memorable encounters with various alcoholic beverages, now etched in WWE history, can be enjoyed on platforms like Peacock or the WWE Network.

Before Austin launched his line of beers in collaboration with El Segundo Brewing and Broken Skull IPA or American Lager became staples in his fridge, he was a familiar face at the local bar. Fellow wrestling legend Kevin Nash recently shared an engaging anecdote from their past, highlighting their sensible, cost-effective approach to their shared love for a good drink.

Nash Discusses 'Longest Yard' Experiences

On an episode of the podcast "Kliq This," Nash delved into his experiences on the set of the 2005 film "The Longest Yard." The movie, a remake of the classic 1974 film, starred not only Nash and Austin but also an ensemble cast that included Goldberg, The Great Khali, and numerous Hollywood celebrities.

Rather than discussing their on-set escapades, Nash reminisced about their off-camera camaraderie and shared savvy for saving a buck or two. Nash remembered, "We'd all head down to the lodge in Santa Fe for a drink every night.

But Steve and I would bypass the overpriced bar. Instead, we'd visit the local liquor store, make cocktails in our rooms, and then join the rest downstairs. We weren't about to pay eleven dollars for a single drink. Our daily allowance was a mere seventy-five dollars.

Being frugal has always been a shared trait for Steve and me, especially regarding unnecessary spending." Affectionately known as "Big S*xy," Nash also shared his recollections about the catering services during the shoot.

He said the food provided was reminiscent of what one might encounter at a sports training camp. After enduring over a month in New Mexico and two additional months in Los Angeles, Nash and Austin sought solace in a routine that reminded them of carefree high school days.

"On days when we weren't needed on set, we'd start the day with a hearty breakfast before heading to the set. We'd take our lunch and dinner breaks off-site," Nash recollected. "On grueling work days filled with managing hundreds of extras, these small moments of retreat became our cherished respites." In a profession known for its larger-than-life personas, it's heartening to hear about these moments of normalcy and camaraderie, all while demonstrating a sensible, everyday approach to life.

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