Damian Priest Denounces the Notion of Bad Bunny Joining 'The Judgment Day'


Damian Priest Denounces the Notion of Bad Bunny Joining 'The Judgment Day'

Recent post-show press conferences and media scrums have begun to develop a reputation for posing unique and outlandish questions to wrestling stars. Fresh off his win at the Money in the Bank event and the new holder of the Señor Money in the Bank title, Damian Priest, faced one such query during a post-event press conference.

The subject in question was whether the Grammy Award-winning artist Bad Bunny might ever return to WWE, and more specifically, if he would join Priest in the Judgment Day faction. Reacting to the question, Priest expressed exasperation, questioning, "Do we have to discuss this individual right now?" Not mincing his words, he added, "Who permitted this individual to be present? That's not a question I can answer.

Whether Bad Bunny decides to return is entirely his decision. As for his chances of becoming a part of Judgment Day, you, the questioner, have an equally likely chance - which is nil."

"Judgment Day's Potential Reshuffle"

Despite Priest's unequivocal response, rumors have been circulating that Judgment Day may soon welcome new members.

However, Bad Bunny won't be among them. Following the Money in the Bank event, friction has arisen between Priest and Finn Balor, the leader of Judgment Day, raising speculation that a potential reshuffling within the faction could be imminent.

Priest, though, dismissed any suggestions of discord within Judgment Day. However, the end of Balor's match with World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins painted a different picture. Priest appeared at ringside with his newly won Money in the Bank briefcase, distracting Rollins.

While Balor seized this opportunity, Priest's unexpected presence quickly distracted Balor, arguably costing him the match. Judgment Day wasn't the only WWE faction showing signs of internal strife following the Money in the Bank event.

During the women's match, IYO SKY and Bayley turned on each other in the final moments, leading to SKY's win at Bayley's detriment. Like Priest, Bayley and SKY denied any existing tensions within their faction, Damage CTRL. But as they say, actions speak louder than words in the high-stakes world of professional wrestling.

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