"Cody Rhodes: London Deserves WrestleMania, What Does John Cena Know"

Cody Rhodes shares enthusiasm for WWE's international expansion.

by Noman Rasool
"Cody Rhodes: London Deserves WrestleMania, What Does John Cena Know"

In a surprising turn of events at the Money in the Bank premium live event, WWE superstar John Cena made a memorable appearance, engaging in a verbal exchange with Grayson Waller and teasing the potential of a future WrestleMania in London.

The announcement generated widespread curiosity, prompting eager questions during the post-show press conference. One of the attendees who shed light on the matter was the American Nightmare Cody Rhodes. Reflecting on Cena's statement, Rhodes agreed, emphasizing the deserving nature of London as a potential host city.

With a thoughtful approach, Rhodes even delved into the business aspect, acknowledging the multitude of promising markets worldwide. He noted that talk of bids for hosting shows might have been speculative in the past, but today, the landscape has changed.

In particular, the economic impact reports for WrestleMania 39 have showcased the tangible benefits of hosting such a grand event.

London WrestleMania: Unprecedented International Milestone

WWE has been making significant strides in expanding its international footprint recently, as evidenced by the past three consecutive premium live events held overseas.

Backlash in May and Night of Champions in Saudi Arabia followed suit, culminating in the memorable Money in the Bank event in London. While the United Kingdom witnessed last year's spectacular Clash at the Castle stadium show, hosting a WrestleMania in London would be an unprecedented milestone for WWE.

Rhodes couldn't contain his excitement at the prospect of London hosting WrestleMania. He spoke passionately about the potential significance of such an event, remarking on its unique nature. Surprised by Cena's remarks, Rhodes half-expected an imminent announcement of the event's confirmation.

In admiration of Cena's stature and insider knowledge, he expressed his genuine hope that London would be granted the honor of hosting WrestleMania. Rhodes enthusiastically declared his full support for the idea, highlighting the profound impact such an event would have on the city and the WWE Universe.

Cody Rhodes lent his voice to the growing excitement surrounding the possibility of a WrestleMania in London. As a seasoned professional within the wrestling industry, Rhodes acknowledged the significance of selecting deserving markets and emphasized the genuine enthusiasm for London as a host city.

With WWE's recent focus on expanding its international reach, the prospect of a London WrestleMania remains tempting, eliciting anticipation and emotional support from fans and industry insiders alike.

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