Cody Rhodes Rues WrestleMania 39 Defeat; Shares Triple H Chat

Rhodes reveals personal aftermath of his WrestleMania 39 defeat.

by Noman Rasool
Cody Rhodes Rues WrestleMania 39 Defeat; Shares Triple H Chat

In a stunning revelation during an interview with Ariel Helwani, Cody Rhodes, the wrestling superstar, opened up about the regret he feels over his loss at WrestleMania 39. Rhodes, who had been keeping his sentiments under wraps, finally bared his soul about the heartbreaking defeat, recounting how he had his rival, the Tribal Chief, on the ropes on multiple occasions but fell victim to unexpected attacks from the Bloodline.

Despite being within grasp of victory, the ambushes ultimately cost him the match. Rhodes's frustration over the defeat was palpable. He also took the opportunity to share a rather intriguing conversation he had with Triple H post-event.

Triple H, a seasoned veteran and one of Rhodes's idols, attempted to underscore the significance of Rhodes's main-eventing WrestleMania. Despite these words of encouragement from a figure which undoubtedly deeply understands the wrestling industry, Rhodes couldn't shake off his disappointment.

Rhodes Opens Up on Defeat

Rhodes admitted to Helwani, "Even hearing it from Triple H, someone I've always looked up to and sought validation from, I couldn't help but think, 'This sucks. My mom's waiting by the bus. Little Brodie's crying.

This sucks.' " The defeat hit him hard, yet he was determined not to wallow in self-pity. Nevertheless, Rhodes was quick to clarify that he didn't resort to blaming the circumstances. He mentioned his friend, Sean Ross Sapp, who had been urging him to address how he was 'screwed over' at WrestleMania.

Rhodes responded, "That's not the way to do it. The story is unfinished, and I need to finish it." In the aftermath of the defeat, Rhodes demonstrated his resolve by focusing on the next challenge. It wasn't his moving on immediately but channeling his disappointment productively.

"It's not a pain you get over, but I quickly could 'chin up' and move on to the next thing. Transitioning to Raw was tough for me, from a character standpoint and a human standpoint. Very tough." Meanwhile, Reigns, the Tribal Chief, has yet to defend his title since the victory at WrestleMania 39.

As for Rhodes, he bounced back from his WrestleMania defeat with a win against Dominik Mysterio at today's Money In The Bank premium live event, showing his determination to write a new chapter in his wrestling story.

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