Pretty Deadly Eyes Dream Match with Hardy Boys, Edge & Christian

WWE's Pretty Deadly reflects on their remarkable career trajectory.

by Noman Rasool
Pretty Deadly Eyes Dream Match with Hardy Boys, Edge & Christian

In an exclusive interview with PW Mania, WWE superstars Elton Prince and Kip Wilson, collectively known as Pretty Deadly, engaged in a broad conversation. Among the discussed subjects was their soaring journey to the main roster of WWE and their wish list of legendary tag teams they aspire to face off against.

Key highlights from this fascinating discussion are recapped below.

Pretty Deadly Credits Mutual Support

Addressing the question of the pivotal influences in their impressive rise to the apex of WWE, both athletes took a moment to reflect on the significance of their partnership.

Elton Prince said, "Our trajectory to this point has been described as meteoric, which we appreciate. But I feel obliged to mention that the person who's been instrumental in my career and our shared success is Kip Wilson." Echoing Prince's sentiments, Wilson affirmed, "It's interesting because for me, the rock, the confidant, the one to discuss strategies and scale the ladder with, has been Elton Prince." In the intriguing conversation, the topic of classic WWE tag teams they'd relish an opportunity to compete against was also broached.

Elton Prince didn't shy away from his ambition, stating, "If we consider some classics, we'd love to step into the ring against Edge and Christian. We'd also relish a showdown with the Hardy Boys, the Brain Busters, and the Midnight Express.

These are all dream matchups for us." Wilson expanded on Prince's thoughts, underscoring WWE's unpredictable and thrilling nature. "That's the magic of WWE," Wilson declared. "Sometimes, you'd think that era has passed, and then we witness a surprise comeback out of the blue.

It paves the way for dream matchups. We're not sure where we'll find ourselves in five years, but we're
determined to make that dream match a reality." Prince wrapped up their vision for the future with a tantalizing tease.

He added, "Imagine a few years later, we'll be the dream match other teams yearn for. We're already there in many ways."
In essence, this candid dialogue shines a light on Pretty Deadly's aspiration to carve their legacy in the annals of WWE while drawing inspiration from past legends. Their ambitious journey continues to be one to watch.

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