Sting Praises Mick Foley

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Sting Praises Mick Foley

Sting is a legendary professional wrestler, and many believe that he is the best WCW wrestler of all time. He was famous at a time where WCW was full of the best wrestlers of the world. WCW has also produced many original wrestlers and many WWE wrestlers joined the company back then.

A few WCW stars became WWE legends after joining the WWE. Mick Foley debuted in WCW as Cactus Jack and he fought Sting as soon as he was placed in. Sting was the heavyweight champion at that time. At Awesome Con, Sting praised Mick Foley.

He stated that he has a wonderful time working with Foley. At the time of his debut, Foley was an unknown wrestler. "Cactus was a fun guy to work with," Sting said at Awesome Con (thanks to The RCWR Show for the transcription).

"He was a great personality outside of the ring as well. Talk about somebody who sacrificed his body - I mean I have stories about him. In Germany, against Vader... I have stories about him in Atlanta with me. Some of the things that he did and hearing the sound of his body and his flesh hitting the pavement from I don't know how many feet, I mean just ridiculous!” Mick Foley does not compete in the ring anymore but is still quite active and sometimes makes TV appearances.