Triple H Unaware of Drew McIntyre's Alleged WWE Issues


Triple H Unaware of Drew McIntyre's Alleged WWE Issues

Before Saturday's Money in the Bank event held on July 1, 2023, at London's O2 Arena, the enigma surrounding WWE superstar Drew McIntyre's silence since his last appearance at WrestleMania had been an ongoing topic of speculation.

Unsubstantiated rumors swirled about McIntyre's undisclosed health condition and a purportedly contentious negotiation process regarding his future with WWE. A noticeable absence of posts from McIntyre on social media platforms only amplified the mystery surrounding his hiatus from the ring.

So, what exactly was the root cause of this intriguing situation? The subject was broached during the post-show press conference at the Money in the Bank event, with Triple H, an integral part of WWE's management, addressing the flurry of rumors and speculations.

In his response, he seemingly dismissed the conjecture as largely unfounded: "Speculation is an intriguing aspect of our industry, and it's fascinating to observe the multitude of assumptions made without concrete evidence," he began.

"We often come across news with a 'sources say' tag. More often than not, say about 75%, these speculations must be more accurate. If Drew had any issues, it's certainly news to me."

Triple H Addresses McIntyre's Return

Triple H continued, "Drew took a break to recover from an injury and undergo necessary medical procedures.

During his time off, he also addressed a few other personal matters, which led to an extended absence. Today, we're thrilled to welcome back one of the most outstanding performers of this era. Drew has always been a shining star in our roster, and we hope he continues to grace our stage for the rest of his career." He discussed his relationship with McIntyre, expressing amusement at the speculation: "We often laugh over these baseless rumors during our occasional phone calls.

It's astonishing to see what the rumor mill churns out." While Triple H might be expected to downplay any internal issues, if there were any, they have now been resolved. With McIntyre back in the mix and preparing to lock horns with Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER, fans can look forward to some exciting action in the coming days.

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