Usos Contemplate Potential WWE Feud


Usos Contemplate Potential WWE Feud

In professional wrestling, breakups and feuds between tag team partners have become a cliché. However, the real-life twin brothers, Jimmy and Jey Uso, popularly known as The Usos, remain an exception. Despite a tense period when Jimmy turned on their cousin, "The Tribal Chief" Roman Reigns at Night of Champions, Jey ultimately chose to stand by his brother, demonstrating his steadfast loyalty.

Although brief, this episode of familial discord sparked numerous conversations among WWE fans worldwide — Could The Usos ever feud with each other in the wrestling ring? Addressing this intriguing question in a recent interaction with Ariel Helwani on "BT Sport," The Usos revealed their thoughts on the potential of a familial feud.

While the concept has yet to be officially presented by WWE, they admitted to exploring the possibility in private conversations. Speaking candidly about the prospective matchup, Jey expressed his profound desire for a showdown against his twin.

"Before our career is done, that's the match I yearn for. It's my ultimate dream to face him at WrestleMania," Jey shared with palpable excitement.

Jey Uso's Dream Showdown

For Jey, such a clash wouldn't merely be a spectacle but an evocative nod to their shared past.

"It would be like we're back in our childhood living room, Uce. This has always been our shared dream since day one," he recounted. He imagines the entire family involved in the event, with their father, Rikishi, as the referee.

"To face off against my brother with our family around us — my heart would swell with joy," he expressed. Jimmy added to the conversation, stating that although they're not formally trained actors, the strength of their fraternal bond naturally lends itself to such emotionally charged storytelling.

Their unique understanding and comfort level with each other would seamlessly translate into a compelling narrative for the audience, bringing a level of authenticity rarely seen in professional wrestling. In sum, while a brotherly feud between The Usos is far from confirmed, the idea of the charismatic twins potentially squaring off against each other continues to ignite imaginations and fuel speculations among the WWE universe.

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