Kurt Angle's WWE Travel Tale: Hilarious Misadventures with Randy Orton!


Kurt Angle's WWE Travel Tale: Hilarious Misadventures with Randy Orton!

In a recent episode of his popular podcast, "The Kurt Angle Show," legendary WWE wrestler Kurt Angle shared an entertaining tale from his time on the road with Randy Orton. Reflecting on their friendship and a memorable incident during Vengeance Day 2006, Angle gave fans a glimpse into the humorous misadventures they experienced together.

Angle began by recounting how his bond with Orton developed right from the start of their professional journey. Following a conversation with Jim Ross and Vince McMahon, Angle was entrusted with mentoring the promising yet unpolished young talent, Randy Orton.

He chuckled as he recalled his initial reaction, exclaiming, "Who?"

Unforgettable Road Bond: Hilarious Detour Leaves Orton Panicking

The Olympic gold medalist admitted that while he didn't fully live up to his mentorship responsibilities, the two Superstars forged a strong friendship and shared countless enjoyable moments on the road.

One such instance stuck in Angle's memory involved a hilarious detour that left Orton in a state of panic. "It was one of those days when I accidentally went the wrong way on the highway, heading in the opposite direction for a good hour," Angle chuckled.

"Randy was freaking out, worried that we would be late. So, I turned the car around and headed back." Angle fondly recalled Orton's anxious reaction, knowing that being tardy had incurred fines for him. Eventually arriving at their destination, they found themselves locked out of the arena due to their delay.

Determined not to miss the show, Orton resorted to unconventional measures. "He started pounding on the window, trying to get someone's attention," Angle continued. "But when that didn't work, he kicked the window, accidentally shattering it along with the door.

Undeterred, he climbed through the broken window and went inside to perform." Amidst laughter, Angle admitted that the repercussions of their escapade weren't limited to a broken window. Arena officials promptly contacted Vince McMahon to report the incident, ensuring that the WWE Chairman knew what had transpired.

Angle's anecdote provided a lighthearted glimpse into the camaraderie and mischievous adventures shared by two of WWE's biggest stars. Despite the initial purpose of Angle's mentorship, he and Orton formed a bond throughout their careers.

Moments like these showcase the lighter side of professional wrestling and highlight the unique friendships that blossom within the demanding world of WWE.

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