Finn Balor Praises Edge, Reflects on Their WrestleMania 39 Showdown


Finn Balor Praises Edge, Reflects on Their WrestleMania 39 Showdown
Finn Balor Praises Edge, Reflects on Their WrestleMania 39 Showdown

The "Demon Prince" Finn Balor recently opened up about his admiration for fellow wrestling superstar Edge during an engaging discussion on the "After The Bell" podcast. Balor's reverence for Edge stems from the latter's illustrious career and his dignified and graceful transition into retirement back in 2011, necessitated by severe neck injuries.

"I've long been a profound admirer of Edge. His career, both inside and outside the ring, truly inspires me. When he made his retirement announcement, it hit me hard, as I always dreamt of one day stepping into the ring with him," Balor disclosed.

He was profoundly moved by the dignified manner in which Edge bowed out, instilling a desire to exit the industry in the same graceful way if the time ever came. "How Edge navigated his transition from the wrestling world was commendable.

It's a feat not many can claim to retire with such grace, dignity, and respect. This enhanced my admiration for him and sparked an intrigue within me when he made his remarkable return to the ring. It rekindled my hope of possibly fulfilling my dream of facing him," Balor added with a sense of nostalgia.

Balor's Dream Match with Edge

Balor's dream eventually materialized into a gripping reality as he embarked on an intense eight-month feud with Edge that peaked with a nerve-racking Hell in a Cell match at the grand stage of WrestleMania 39.

"Three years later, I was locked in an intense storyline with my idol. Despite the rivalry, the tension, or the fourteen staples, mutual respect was still present, at least from my end. I hope Edge reciprocated it," Balor reflected.

Balor took advantage of the opportunity to express gratitude towards Edge for his instrumental role in establishing the Judgment Day faction. He recognized how this move had a significant impact on his career and those of Damian, Rhea, and Dominik.

"Edge initiated something profound with Judgment Day, a move that impacted my career significantly and the careers of Damian, Rhea, and Dominik. Beyond our shared ring time, Edge's influence will always be an integral part of our wrestling narratives," he concluded, signifying his enduring respect for Edge.

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