Kurt Angle Suggests WWE Underutilized Samoa Joe

Kurt Angle recently shared insights about his time with Samoa Joe.

by Noman Rasool
Kurt Angle Suggests WWE Underutilized Samoa Joe

In the most recent episode of his podcast, Olympic wrestling icon Kurt Angle shared some reflections on his time in the wrestling ring with Samoa Joe, a formidable rival who spent time in both TNA and WWE. His remarks painted a picture of a remarkably talented athlete who didn't receive the opportunities he deserved in either organization.

Angle initiated the conversation by recalling the rise and fall of Samoa Joe in TNA, a career trajectory that Angle played a significant role in shaping. Samoa Joe was undefeatable at the start of his stint with the company, building a powerful aura of invincibility.

However, Angle asserts that when he ended Joe's winning streak, something vital was lost. Joe's esteem and relevance within the company took a significant hit, and in Angle's opinion, TNA never successfully restored his previous standing.

Samoa Joe's Missed WWE Championship Run

Transitioning to Samoa Joe's WWE career, Angle expresses a similar sentiment. He believes that the WWE did a commendable job, to some extent, with Samoa Joe but fell short of utilizing his abilities to their fullest extent.

He suggested this could be due to the focus on aesthetics, though he found Samoa Joe's unique look appealing and suited to the diverse wrestling world. Angle asserted that Samoa Joe's talent warranted a run as the WWE Champion.

While Angle critiqued the handling of Samoa Joe's career, he was effusive in praising their working relationship. They enjoyed a rapport that surpassed any Angle had experienced, even with wrestling phenom AJ Styles. Joe and Angle operated with remarkable synchronicity, agreeing on creative decisions and sharing a similar vision for their matches.

Angle warmly referred to their bond as akin to being "Frick and Frack" or twins, emphasizing their shared thinking and collaborative spirit. Despite Samoa Joe's roller-coaster career and Angle's belief in the mishandling of his talent, it is clear their professional chemistry transcended these obstacles, creating memorable moments in the ring that left an indelible mark on both athletes' careers.

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