Kofi Kingston to Return to Ghana

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Kofi Kingston to Return to Ghana

Kofi Kingston is the first real African WWE Champion. He won the WWE championship by beating Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 35. He spent nearly 11 years in the WWE, wrestling at mid-card level. Now, he is WWE’s top guy. Even though some question WWE’s booking, he is an extremely talented wrestler in most fans’ eyes.

The WWE Champion will make his return to Ghana, West Africa. He will make his return after nearly 26 years! It will be a four day visit that will start on the 30th of May and end on the 2nd or June. He announced that he will go on tour in a press release that he released on social media.

The new article was confirmed by the WWE on their website. The last time he was in Ghana, it was 1993. He will make his return on a celebratory “Year of Return” in the country this year. The WWE will send a film crew that will film his trip and will be part of some special documentary in the future.

Kofi is set to visit his paternal and maternal hometowns. He will also be a host of a children’s rally. Kofi Kingston has a big match coming up. He will fight Kevin Owens and defend his WWE Title against him. The Money in the Bank PPV is going to happen on the 19th of May and that is where he will fight Kevin Owens.