Nick Patrick Forecasts Winner of Referee WrestleMania Ladder Match


Nick Patrick Forecasts Winner of Referee WrestleMania Ladder Match

Referees, often overlooked, are indeed the unsung heroes of wrestling, maintaining order within the chaos of the squared circle. Although their primary function is to adjudicate the matches impartially, there have been memorable instances where Charles Robinson, Danny Davis, and, most recently, Aubrey Edwards have stepped into the ring, transforming from referees to competitors.

However, have you ever envisioned a scenario where referees compete for their officiating assignments? Well, that's precisely the entertaining conjecture explored by renowned WCW official Nick Patrick during a recent episode of his podcast, "Monday Mailbag."

"Referees Clash for WrestleMania Spot"

In this imaginative scenario, Patrick proposed an unusual Money in the Bank match where referees would wrestle for the opportunity to preside over the grand WrestleMania event.

Although he was selective in revealing the full roster of six participants for this theoretical match, Patrick confirmed that he and Earl Hebner, the respected head official for WWE and TNA, would be part of the line-up. Predictably, Patrick proposed a controversial ending in line with their unforgettable moments from the Attitude Era.

"I was never one to claim victory," Patrick mused, "I always garnered more reactions by losing and creating a storyline around that loss. I wouldn't alter that formula for this bout, either. Imagine this: I allow Hebner to ascend the ladder and unfasten the belt, triumphant in his victory.

And just as the win seems secure, I tilt the ladder, causing him to tumble onto the floor. I would then seize the opportunity to claim the title he so painstakingly secured and walk away the victor." Patrick's scenario could be enhanced by including other beloved referees from that era, like Mike Chioda, Teddy Long, and Warrior Award recipient Tim White.

And what about the WWE's current officials? Scott Armstrong would have the upper hand in this ladder match, given his long-standing wrestling career before becoming a referee, where he encountered a fair share of ladders.