Mick Foley's Brutal Night: Surviving WWE's Hell in a Cell


Mick Foley's Brutal Night: Surviving WWE's Hell in a Cell

In one of his most iconic and brutal encounters, WWE legend Mick Foley faced off against The Undertaker in an unforgettable Hell in a Cell match. Foley recently opened up about the grueling aftermath of that fateful night, shedding light on his excruciating pain.

Reflecting on that challenging evening during a conversation on "Foley Is Pod," the hardcore veteran revealed that his roommate at the time was Al Snow. However, due to the severity of his injuries, Foley didn't return to his room until four hours later, having made a detour to the emergency room.

Even in his sleep, Foley's distress was evident, as he involuntarily emitted sounds indicative of his immense suffering.

Foley's Roof-Ring Plunge

The relentless physicality of the encounter had left Foley with multiple injuries, including a concussion that he attributes to his second significant fall.

While plummeting from the roof to the floor was undeniably impactful, Foley believes the moment he was dropped through the roof onto the ring inflicted the most damage. Unbeknownst to him then, Foley had not realized the toll these bone-jarring bumps could take on his brain.

Despite partially breaking his fall, thanks to a table, the legendary wrestler experienced excruciating pain for six weeks due to his extensive injuries. Remarkably, Foley admitted that he neglected to examine the internal part of his body following the match.

However, specific symptoms strongly suggested internal issues resulting from the extreme punishment he endured. "I did notice blood in my urine for several days, and there was considerable tenderness around either my kidney or liver," Foley recalled.

"One of those organs was likely injured and greatly affected my overall well-being." Foley's recollections offer a stark reminder of the toll such high-risk matches can exact on the human body. Despite the physical and emotional challenges he faced that night, Foley's enduring legacy as a wrestling icon remains intact, forever etched into the annals of WWE history.

In his journey as a professional wrestler, Mick Foley has demonstrated remarkable resilience, pushing through unimaginable pain and inspiring a generation of fans with his unwavering commitment to his craft.

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