Dom Mysterio Unveils New WWE Raw Moniker

Exciting developments unfold as WWE Raw introduces a captivating nickname.

by Noman Rasool
Dom Mysterio Unveils New WWE Raw Moniker

In an unexpected turn of events on the latest episode of "WWE Raw," Dominik Mysterio has officially embraced a new nickname, now going by the "Dirty Dom." The revelation came as Rhea Ripley, a fellow member of the Judgment Day stable, confronted World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins and conveyed a challenge on behalf of Mysterio.

During the exchange, Ripley confidently declared, "Dirty Dom says he wants to fight Seth Freakin' Rollins tonight," catching the attention of fans and superstars alike.

Moniker Takes Center Stage

As the segment progressed, the official graphic for the highly anticipated match displayed Mysterio's new moniker, solidifying its legitimacy.

The announcers, in turn, referred to him as "Dirty Dom" multiple times, ensuring the new nickname resonated with the audience. Adding to the intrigue, Ripley boldly exhibited the words "Dirty Dom" across her face, showcasing her solidarity with Mysterio even during his recent match against Cody Rhodes at the Money in the Bank premium live event.

The match between Rollins and Mysterio proved to be an intense affair, culminating in a disqualification when Damian Priest intervened by delivering his devastating South of Heaven move to the reigning champion. However, before Priest could capitalize on his opportunity by cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase, Finn Balor stormed the ring and unleashed an assault on Rollins.

Inadvertently, Balor's actions caused Priest to be knocked off the apron, leading to an unresolved conflict between the two. With tensions escalating within the Judgment Day stable, the show's conclusion hinted at an imminent disintegration of the faction.

Priest and Balor engaged in a heated verbal exchange, signaling a potential rift among its members. Meanwhile, Rollins' ongoing rivalry with Judgment Day remains unresolved, leaving fans speculating which faction member will earn a coveted World Heavyweight Championship match at SummerSlam.

Social media buzz even suggests the possibility of a fatal four-way match, with Balor defending his title against all three male members of Judgment Day. As the WWE universe eagerly awaits further developments, the adoption of the moniker "Dirty Dom" by Dominik Mysterio has added an intriguing layer to his persona.

Only time will tell how this new identity shapes his future in professional wrestling and what challenges lie ahead for the rising star.