Mustafa Ali on Bryan Helping Him

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Mustafa Ali on Bryan Helping Him

Mustafa Ali is one of the rising stars of the WWE. He is being pushed by the WWE and is one of the top prospects. He went out of his way to praise Daniel Bryan and stated that he is the reason why the WWE is pushing him these days.

He spoke about Bryan’s involvement in his Smackdown debut with "As far as Daniel's involvement in it, I've heard a bunch of different stories, but I refuse to believe anything other than Bryan saw I was capable of doing or he wanted to give back because Bryan himself is a guy who struggled at cruiserweight just like we did," Ali continued.

"You know, smaller guys, work-rate guys, guys that might not get the best story or chance to show personality and he saw whatever he saw and I was fortunate enough to work him. I would directly say if Daniel Bryan wasn't involved I wouldn't be where I'm at right now."

This is just how professional wrestling works. Loyal wrestlers want the promotion to succeed and are willing to take a loss to get another wrestler over with the fans. According to a few reports, Ali would have been pushed a great deal had he not got injured during the time Kofi Kingston received a push. Ali missed his opportunity, otherwise he could have become WWE champion most probably.