Mick Foley Post-Hell in a Cell Nightmare


Mick Foley Post-Hell in a Cell Nightmare
Mick Foley Post-Hell in a Cell Nightmare

Mick Foley, known for his daredevil stunts and unforgettable moments in the world of professional wrestling, faced a nightmarish ordeal after his legendary Hell in a Cell match against The Undertaker. Renowned for pushing his body to the extreme, Foley recently opened up about the intense pain he endured that evening.

During an episode of "Foley Is Pod," the hardcore icon recalled the harrowing aftermath of the match, sharing, "Al Snow was my roommate that night. I didn't get back for about four hours, because I went to the emergency room.

Even in my sleep, I was— I guess making some noises like it was really a tough, tough night for me."

Concussion Impact: Roof Descent

Foley suffered a multitude of injuries during the historic encounter, including a concussion that he believes occurred during his second major fall.

While being thrown from the roof to the floor undoubtedly took its toll, it was Foley's descent through the roof onto the ring that he believes caused the concussion. "In those days, I didn't know that bone-jarring bumps could rattle your brain," Foley revealed.

"The table did break my fall to some extent, and because there were two significant falls, I can't discern which one caused the most damage. But I was really hurting for about six weeks with all the injuries." Surprisingly, Foley disclosed that he did not seek immediate medical attention for any internal injuries sustained during the match.

Nevertheless, certain symptoms made it clear that he had suffered internal issues. "There was definitely some blood in the urine for a few days and real tenderness around either the kidney or liver," Foley admitted. "One of those organs was likely injured and had a profound impact on me." Foley's recollection sheds light on the immense physical toll he endured for the sake of his craft.

Despite the tremendous pain and long-lasting injuries, Foley's legendary performance inside the Hell in a Cell structure remains etched in the annals of professional wrestling history, a testament to his unyielding dedication and unparalleled resilience.

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