Bully Ray on Paul Heyman Leading Smackdown

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Bully Ray on Paul Heyman Leading Smackdown

The WWE has two major shows. One is called RAW and the other is called Smackdown. WWE Smackdown Live will be part of FOX this year. The Smackdown under Paul Heyman’s management was doing pretty well and it lasted from 2002 to 2003.

Bully Ray spoke about Paul Heyman on his podcast and stated that Smackdown will be a huge success on FOX if WWE decides to give creative freedom to Paul Heyman. "I think just the fact that people know Heyman is in creative control and that's not something WWE is going to let out and I don't think that is something that should be announced.

Like 'Hey Paul Heyman is in charge of SmackDown creative'", explained Bully. "What I'm saying is that is what I would do. If there is one person that would make SmackDown successful and has a proven track record of making SmackDown a definitively better show than Raw, it was Paul Heyman.

Probably what in 2003-2004? We know he can get the job done. I would put the pencil in his hand and say, 'hey what can you do with this?' I think his creativity with that show and the way that he knows how to use Characters and gel them with storylines would work." Paul Heyman was with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 35. That was the last time we saw him on WWE TV.