Alicia Fox's WWE Contract Ends; Disappointed by Lack of Farewell

Divas Champion Alicia Fox opens up about her WWE departure.

by Noman Rasool
Alicia Fox's WWE Contract Ends; Disappointed by Lack of Farewell

In a recent interview on the Ring The Belle podcast, Alicia Fox, a celebrated Divas Champion, revealed that her WWE contract concluded earlier this year, specifically in April. This ending left Fox disheartened, primarily due to the lack of an expected statement from WWE acknowledging her departure and wishing her well for the future.

Fox detailed her anticipation for the end of her contract, which is due on April 25th. She was accustomed to the familiar rhythm of waiting for a call from the WWE, a call that would indicate they needed her. During this period, a fan's tweet featuring her image on a 'legend' shirt surprised her.

Subsequently, a phone call ensued questioning whether she was retired, an assumption that Fox found amusing since she had just received her first merchandise. The absence of open communication in the final days of her contract with WWE distressed Fox.

She felt uneasy about potential termination and was further saddened when the expected statement of support failed to materialize on her release date. Fox conveyed her frustration and disappointment with the WWE, as she couldn't express her feelings on social media.

Fox Discusses Evolving WWE Dynamics

The former Divas Champion also shared insights about the evolving dynamics in the women's locker room during her WWE tenure. Many upcoming female wrestlers aspired to become skilled in-ring technicians.

While Fox had no objection to this ambition, she questioned its effectiveness in attracting spectators for future WWE events. She commented on the stark contrast between this technical approach and the more reality TV-oriented wrestling style prevalent in her era.

Fox playfully challenged whether the audience would be excited to see an excessive focus on technique, as opposed to the more theatrical and personality-driven style of wrestling. Fox recounted sharing the locker room with The Bella Twins and Maryse.

They all had learned the craft from previous generations of women wrestlers, such as Beth Phoenix and Mickie James. Fox emphasized her generation's role in paving the way for current stars like Sasha Banks and Bayley. She reminisced about setting up the rings at Ohio Valley Wrestling's Derby Park with Maryse, Mickie, and others, distinguishing between her journey and the new crop of wrestlers emerging from NXT.

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