Why LA Knight Embraces the Public Opinion About His Skills in WWE


Why LA Knight Embraces the Public Opinion About His Skills in WWE
Why LA Knight Embraces the Public Opinion About His Skills in WWE

In a recent edition of the acclaimed podcast "My Love Letter to Wrestling," presenter Mark Andrews dedicated much of the conversation to singing the praises of WWE superstar LA Knight. He highlighted both the performer's formidable skills with a microphone and his finesse inside the wrestling ring.

Yet, there was a question that Andrews felt compelled to ask: Does Knight feel that his remarkable talent for delivering promos overshadows his undeniable prowess as a wrestler? LA Knight's response to this question was strikingly humble yet profoundly enlightening.

"I often hear that I'm a master on the mic and merely adequate within the ring. And you know what? That's fine by me," he stated. This surprising acceptance stems from his admiration for wrestling legends who were similarly perceived.

"All the wrestlers I idolized growing up were largely thought of in the same way," he admitted.

Influential Figures in Knight's Journey

Knight cited Hulk Hogan, his favorite wrestler since childhood, as a significant influence.

His adoration persisted through his high school years, where Hogan's NWO persona and other iconic figures like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, and Ric Flair remained his favorites. "Flair was excellent, but he didn't do anything too flashy.

He focused on psychology, making things look sharp, snappy, and real," Knight reflected, displaying his deep understanding and respect for the art of wrestling. LA Knight further revealed that he likes to sprinkle in elements of surprise in his performances, such as when he executed a superplex on Butch.

But, he emphasized, he doesn't let these technical feats define him. He finds boasting about mic skills somewhat odd, drawing a hypothetical comparison to Muhammad Ali, renowned for his boxing prowess, flaunting his mic skills instead.

To Knight, wrestling isn't about telling the world he can win – it's about proving it in the ring. "In the grand scheme of things," he concluded, "I'm simply striving to demonstrate that I can outwrestle anyone in that ring." He acknowledges and appreciates the recognition for his mic skills, but ultimately, his objective is to be known as a formidable force in WWE's wrestling arena.

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