Gable Steveson Unleashes a Suplex Storm on WWE NXT Superstars

Gable Steveson: Dominating the Ring and Shaping His Future

by Noman Rasool
Gable Steveson Unleashes a Suplex Storm on WWE NXT Superstars

During Tuesday's highly anticipated episode of "WWE NXT," Gable Steveson, an Olympic gold medalist, has made a compelling show of dominance. In arguably his most physically overpowering display in the WWE ring to date, Steveson laid hands on several up-and-coming talents.

This flurry of action came after Eddy Thorpe's victory over Damon Kemp in the premiere "NXT" Underground match. In a video garnering attention, Steveson was seen taking exception to one of the trainers reaching out for his special Olympic gold medal.

The slight was answered. In a moment of passionate defiance, he executed a stunning German Suplex on the offending trainer, swiftly followed by a Belly-to-Belly Suplex that had the crowd on their feet. The spectacle didn't end there, though.

Myles Borne, a rising "NXT" star, and another hopeful found themselves on the receiving end of Steveson's power as they were introduced to his "Suplex City" at the WWE Performance Center.

"Steveson's Prospects in Wrestling Future"

The spectacle of Steveson making waves in pro wrestling is heartening, indicative of the promising future he could carve out in the business.

It's no secret that earlier this year, whispers of Steveson making a comeback to NCAA Wrestling made the rounds. There was even talk of him competing at the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. In a March interview with "MMA Fighting," he declared his ambitions of becoming "one of the greatest American amateur wrestlers ever," assuring fans that he has "a lot more left in the tank" for amateur wrestling.

While technically retired from NCAA and Olympic wrestling, Steveson still holds a year of NCAA eligibility, which keeps the door ajar for a potential return to the competition in 2024. Wrestling pundit Dave Meltzer has suggested that any comeback would hinge on WWE granting Steveson a leave of absence.

However, Steveson's recurrent cameos on "WWE NXT" as a trainer might hint at a more permanent transition to the pro wrestling world. Before these appearances, he celebrated fellow Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle's birthday on a "WWE SmackDown" episode and executed a suplex on Chad Gable at WrestleMania 38. Steveson's journey in the world of pro wrestling is just beginning.

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