Wrestling Ex addresses backstage rumors post Beth Phoenix injury

Alicia Fox discusses career uncertainties and backstage dynamics.

by Atia Mukhtar
Wrestling Ex addresses backstage rumors post Beth Phoenix injury

Beth Phoenix endured facial injuries following a botched leg drop delivered by Alicia Fox during the December 19, 2011, episode of WWE RAW. In a recent interview, Fox finally addressed the reports suggesting that the incident led to the cancellation of her push within the WWE.

The encounter saw Fox defeat the then-Divas Champion Phoenix in a non-title match that lasted a mere 48 seconds. However, it was the execution of Fox's somersault leg drop finisher that unintentionally caused harm to her opponent's face.

Fox's Uncertainty Surrounding Backstage Repercussions

During her appearance on Ring the Belle, Fox openly admitted that she remained uncertain about any backstage repercussions resulting from the incident. She also made it clear that Phoenix had never approached her to discuss any concerns following their match.

Fox revealed, "I remember hearing that rumor, so I can agree with that. I don't know if that was what stopped my career. I and her have never even talked about [the incident], so I never knew any of that stuff. I don't know." Her departure from WWE came in April, culminating her 17-year tenure with the company.

Since participating in the 2022 Women's Royal Rumble match, Fox has not competed in any wrestling matches. Furthermore, Fox found herself in another notable incident during the September 5, 2016, episode of RAW involving Nia Jax.

In a backstage tantrum, Fox inadvertently threw a box that struck Jax's face. While the intention was to direct the box in Jax's general direction, Fox did not anticipate the force with which it would impact her colleague. Reflecting on the incident, Fox conveyed her amusement and the bond it created between her and Jax.

She shared, "The part where the box flew into her face, for a second I'm like [scared], and then she comes back with that push, we were in complete reaction-reaction [mode], but my shoes go flying off. Things like that were really funny because it brought Nia and I [closer], it really was a moment that we were able to share just with us." In the same interview, Fox shed light on her frustration with WWE's treatment of her prior to her departure from the company, providing insight into her decision to leave.

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