Ex-Divas Champ Unhappy with WWE's Miscommunication – Terms it Unfair


Ex-Divas Champ Unhappy with WWE's Miscommunication – Terms it Unfair

Alicia Fox, a seasoned WWE professional and past Divas Champion, recently expressed her distress over the mishandling of her exit from the globally renowned wrestling company. Fox had dedicated over a decade to WWE, securing her position in the ring and the hearts of many fans, and her distinguished service included a prominent stint as the Divas Champion in the early 2010s.

However, her prominence within the WWE storyline had seen a significant decrease over the years. Despite her consistent and unwavering commitment to the company, Fox's subsequent roles had been relatively minor, with her contributions slowly fading into the background.

This year, on April 25th, she was discreetly released from her WWE contract, a move that sparked much disappointment and confusion for Fox herself.

Fox Heartache over WWE Dismissal

During a candid conversation on "Ring The Belle", Fox opened up about the emotional turmoil that she felt upon being let go.

What seemed to trouble her most was the lack of recognition or acknowledgment from WWE, a company to which she had devoted a significant portion of her life. "I was hoping for some sort of support statement from them on my release date, just a simple acknowledgment, at the very least," Fox remarked.

"But there was nothing. No word, no explanation, no farewell. It's hard not to feel deeply saddened by this apparent miscommunication." Fox, whose wrestling career was initiated in 2006, had spent almost the entirety of her career under WWE's supervision.

She made her first notable appearances not as a wrestler, but in the intriguing role of a wedding planner for Vickie Guerrero, who was embroiled in an on-screen romantic plot with Edge. Upon the conclusion of this storyline, Fox transitioned into active competition, demonstrating her athletic prowess and grappling skills, thereby ascending through the ranks to become the Divas Champion.

She held onto this esteemed title for an impressive 56 days before ultimately losing it to Melina at the highly-anticipated SummerSlam event in 2010. Fox's story serves as a reminder of the often unpredictable and occasionally harsh realities faced by those in the wrestling industry. Despite the glitter and glamour, the ring can sometimes be a lonely place, even for a former champion.

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