Mick Foley Discovers Funk & Undertaker Remarks During Iconic WWE Hell In A Cell Match

Peeling back the layers of a legendary WWE match.

by Atia Mukhtar
Mick Foley Discovers Funk & Undertaker Remarks During Iconic WWE Hell In A Cell Match

A quarter-century has passed since the historic first Hell in a Cell match, and the wrestling world still reveres it. Among its key participants, Mick Foley, the infamous daredevil of WWE, recently revisited this legendary encounter on his podcast, "Foley is Pod." A fascinating revelation from the discussion was Foley's late discovery of a secretive dialogue between the Undertaker and Terry Funk during the match.

Foley confessed, "I was oblivious to the words exchanged between them." After the high-risk event, Vince McMahon mandated a four-day break for Foley. Foley seized this downtime to scrutinize the match, replaying bits and pieces almost 25 times.

He noticed Undertaker and Funk conversing but never pondered over their words. Their casual demeanor did not incite Foley's curiosity until Funk enlightened him during his WWE Hall of Fame induction in 2013.

Unveiling Foley's Near-Death Experience

Foley's narrative held the listeners in suspense, as he revealed how he was taken aback when Funk divulged the details of that cryptic conversation.

Foley was waiting behind the curtain when Funk announced, "Undertaker asked me to check on Foley, he said, 'See if he's alive.' " Foley's heart pounded as he realized the seemingly random hand on his face was Funk checking his pulse.

Funk then confirmed to Undertaker, "He's still breathing." This preceded Funk's chokeslam, an act so intense that his shoes were sent flying, unbeknownst to Foley. According to Foley, if a similar incident were to happen in today's WWE, the match would have immediately halted, ensuring the wrestler's health is prioritized.

Medical personnel would have descended to the ring to evaluate Foley's condition. Yet, in that era, the match persisted, creating an unforgettable spectacle that is still celebrated by fans globally after 25 years. Mick Foley's journey down memory lane provided an intimate glimpse into the dangerous, often overlooked side of wrestling.

It reminded fans of the incredible risks these entertainers take to deliver a match that leaves an indelible impression on viewers, just like the Hell in a Cell match did. The riveting narrative serves as a testament to the bravado of these wrestlers, adding another layer of respect and admiration for them.

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