Dutch Mantell Slams WWE as Unoriginal


Dutch Mantell Slams WWE as Unoriginal

Dominik Mysterio, the rising WWE star, found himself bestowed with a new moniker during this week's episode of "WWE Raw." Following his defeat by Cody Rhodes at the recent Money in the Bank event, Mysterio was referred to as "Dirty Dom" by WWE's on-screen graphics.

This name choice, however, did not sit well with Dutch Mantell, a seasoned professional wrestler who has long held the "Dirty" moniker. Taking to social media to express his discontent, Mantell criticized WWE for lacking originality and accused them of appropriating his well-established nickname.

Mantell's Outrage: WWE 'Dirty' Name Rip-Off

Expressing his frustration on Twitter, Mantell exclaimed, "WTF?? @WWE just blatantly ripped off my DIRTY name by now calling Dominick Mysterio, Dirty Dominick? That doesn't even sound right." The wrestling veteran went on to assert that there can only be one "DIRTYMAN," and that title belongs exclusively to Dirty Dutch Mantell.

He concluded his tweet with a sarcastic remark, thanking WWE for their lack of creativity and labeling them as "Bastages." Mantell, who previously worked for WWE under the persona of Zeb Colter from 2013 to 2016, adopted the "Dirty" nickname back in the 1980s during his active wrestling career.

Remarkably, he has held onto this moniker throughout the years, employing it during various wrestling-related appearances. Mysterio and Mantell are not the only wrestlers to have embraced the "Dirty" nickname. Notable figures such as the late Dick Murdoch and Dick Slater have also utilized this epithet in their careers.

Additionally, Chris Hussey, formerly known as Fandango during his WWE tenure until 2021, has embraced the moniker Dirty Dango on the independent circuit. The controversy surrounding WWE's decision to anoint Dominik Mysterio with the "Dirty" moniker adds fuel to the ongoing discourse regarding originality in the world of professional wrestling.

While some fans may perceive it as a homage to Mantell and his legacy, others view it as a lackluster attempt to replicate a well-established persona. As the wrestling community continues to voice their opinions on this matter, it remains to be seen how WWE will respond to the criticism and whether they will make any adjustments to Mysterio's newly acquired nickname.

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