Drew McIntyre Discusses WWE Comeback and Future

Wrestling superstar Drew McIntyre breaks silence on WWE future.

by Noman Rasool
Drew McIntyre Discusses WWE Comeback and Future

Following a whirlwind of conjecture and speculation, wrestling superstar Drew McIntyre marked his momentous return to the WWE ring at the Money in the Bank event. He made a show-stopping confrontation with Gunther, sparking anticipation for a significant impending program.

McIntyre's reappearance elicited fervor among the fan base, particularly in light of reports regarding his expiring WWE contract and uncertainty surrounding a renewal agreement. The future tenure of McIntyre with WWE remains an enigma, which he gracefully addressed in a recent episode of WWE's The Bump, maintaining a sense of ambiguity regarding his long-term plans.

"I humbly apologize to everyone for missing my dates and the towns. It's uncharacteristic of me unless provoked by compelling reasons. There's been abundant speculation and hearsay around my whereabouts and my future. However, the future is insignificant.

What truly matters is the present. As of now, Drew McIntyre is back in the game," he professed with a robust conviction.

McIntyre's Quest for Live Audience Championship

McIntyre candidly admitted his pursuit of a goal that has remained elusive for years – becoming a Champion in the presence of a live audience.

He declared, "If you're attending a WWE event and I'm part of it, you're guaranteed an absolute 110% performance. I'm finally on the hunt for that momentous title in front of a live crowd. Let's make this a reality." In his illustrious WWE tenure, McIntyre has achieved substantial success.

However, there are still a few dream matches he yearns to be a part of. In a conversation with ComicBook.com, McIntyre discussed hypothetical Championship matches against legendary figures like Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Bret Hart, and The Rock.

A potential showdown with The Rock bears particular significance for him. "Beyond doubt, The Rock is the absolute best, a genuinely amicable individual deserving every bit of his success," McIntyre admitted. "There was a phase when I wasn't quite at my peak, and TMZ asked The Rock about his prediction for the next breakout star.

He chose me, which was truly inspiring and motivational." Recounting an incident where The Rock seemingly supported Dolph Ziggler over him, McIntyre expressed his reaction, "I thought, 'What would The Rock do in this situation?' If this were the late '90s, what would be his response? I decided to stand my ground.

As a champion, I won't back down, not even to The Rock." In closing, McIntyre extended a challenge, "I'd be honored to face The Rock anywhere, but ideally at WrestleMania at Ibrox. It holds personal significance for me. We'd need a massive venue, perhaps Hampden.

If he chose to return for a match, being the biggest box office draw globally, it would be monumental. So, Rock, let's make this match happen."

Drew Mcintyre