Natalya Celebrates Her WWE Career Achievements

WWE's Natalya recently reflected on her career and achievements.

by Noman Rasool
Natalya Celebrates Her WWE Career Achievements

WWE superstar Natalya has had an eventful week, a period marked by a cascade of professional milestones. She was awarded six certificates from the Guinness World Records for an array of achievements in the wrestling industry.

In addition, her match against Rhea Ripley at "WWE Raw" for the WWE Women's World Championship won her the admiration of several company officials. This series of accomplishments prompted her to reflect on her journey in a recent conversation on "Busted Open Radio." Reflecting on her achievements, Natalya stated, "These records validate the work I've put into my craft.

The recognition encompasses the most matches ever for a woman in WWE, the highest number of pay-per-view matches, the most WrestleMania appearances, the most victories, and the greatest number of matches on 'Raw' and 'SmackDown'

This equates to 16 uninterrupted years in WWE, marred by only one injury."

Natalya's Acknowledgment of Resilience

Natalya, known for her humble demeanor, felt it was time to appreciate her accomplishments, not as self-praise but as an acknowledgment of her persistence and endurance.

The life of a WWE wrestler is challenging, with numerous trials faced on the road. Nevertheless, Natalya finds the struggle worth it when she sees her efforts recognized. Expressing her joy, she added, "The acknowledgment was indeed a fantastic feeling.

My colleague Bianca Belair was very supportive, insisting that my feats should be celebrated more." The multiple-record holder also spoke candidly about her low confidence levels in the recent past. Her self-doubt emerged following a challenging phase post the Night of Champions and Saudi Arabia events.

However, her commendable performance against Rhea on Monday night reinforced her belief in her skills. She said, "I entered the ring doubting if I could still compete. The match, however, proved I belonged here and could compete with the best." She emphasized her ability to elevate matches with the best female performers in the company, promising fans a thrilling experience.

The 41-year-old veteran, trained in the Hart Dungeon, appears far from considering retirement. Wrapping up her thoughts, she proclaimed, "I am excited about my future in WWE. It feels like 'Natty's back.' It's time for me to reclaim my position at the top. I am a top-level performer, and I'm thrilled I could demonstrate that."