James Ellsworth Breaks News to Carmella: Controversial WWE MITB Plan Revealed

Former WWE star James Ellsworth reveals backstage secrets.

by Noman Rasool
James Ellsworth Breaks News to Carmella: Controversial WWE MITB Plan Revealed

In a stunning revelation, former WWE superstar James Ellsworth has shed light on the controversial events surrounding the first-ever women's Money in the Bank ladder match back in 2017. Speaking exclusively to PWMania.com's Ari Barkan, Ellsworth disclosed that he was the first person to inform Carmella about her victory in the match, which ended with a surprising twist.

During rehearsals for the historic match, Ellsworth's involvement was carefully choreographed. As each female competitor took turns climbing the ladder and grabbing the coveted briefcase, Ellsworth was instructed to make a quick appearance, simulating the idea of him teasing a potential climb during the actual event.

It was during this rehearsal that Ellsworth took Carmella aside and confided in her, revealing that he believed she would emerge as the victor.

Controversial Twist Ignites Fan Interest

Carmella initially expressed skepticism, believing that having a male competitor play a pivotal role in a women's match would not be well received.

However, Ellsworth suggested that the WWE relished controversy and that this unexpected turn of events would capture the attention of fans and create buzz around the match. As fate would have it, Ellsworth's prediction came true on the day of the event.

Prior to the match, he informed Carmella that the plan had been confirmed by none other than then-WWE executive John Laurinaitis. His instructions were clear: swiftly climb the ladder, snatch the briefcase, and hand it over to Carmella, solidifying her victory.

Carmella, still taken aback by the news, questioned Ellsworth's revelation, to which he reassured her of their success. Ellsworth further divulged that a second women's Money in the Bank match was already in the works, set to take place on an episode of "SmackDown." According to him, the decision to have a follow-up match was driven by the intention to boost ratings and generate even more controversy.

True to the plan, Carmella emerged triumphant in the subsequent ladder match, this time without any interference from Ellsworth. Her victory earned her the coveted contract, which she successfully cashed in over 200 days later to capture the championship.

The revelations by James Ellsworth offer a rare glimpse into the behind-the-scenes workings of WWE and the calculated strategies employed to captivate the audience. The controversy surrounding the first women's Money in the Bank match, and the subsequent events, added a new layer of intrigue and excitement to the world of professional wrestling, forever etching Carmella's name in the history books as a trailblazing victor.