Damian Priest Reveals Insights on His Inaugural WWE Money In The Bank Match Victory


Damian Priest Reveals Insights on His Inaugural WWE Money In The Bank Match Victory

Damien Priest, an acclaimed superstar in the WWE universe, added a remarkable achievement to his career portfolio last Saturday. Known as "The Punishment of The Judgment Day," Priest seized a golden chance as he ascended a ladder in London's O2 Arena and secured the Money in the Bank briefcase.

This triumph bestows upon him an extraordinary privilege - the potential to challenge any WWE champion, irrespective of the brand. However, before executing any such confrontations, "The Archer of Infamy" took time to reflect on this pivotal victory.

During his appearance on "WWE's The Bump," Priest laid bare his emotions and thoughts before, during, and after the intense ladder match. Although he expressed relief for commencing the event instead of anxiously waiting, Priest, a former United States Champion, realized the weighty task at hand.

"Priest's Intense 'Insane' Experience"

Labeling the experience as "insane," Priest said, "There's a profusion of moving parts. Everyone has the same objective: secure that briefcase. From beginning to end, desperation hung in the air.

As soon as you feel momentum building, someone else starts their own. It's a relentless cycle. You're constantly on guard since as one person falls, another is ready to take their place. Consequently, it's hard to find a rhythm." Nonetheless, without establishing a rhythm, Priest accomplished the task at hand, clinching the Money In The Bank title for the first time in his career.

Part of his driving force was a verbal gaffe earlier this year, pushing him to emerge victorious. Experiencing a whirlwind of emotions, Priest recalled, "I held the briefcase and it felt surreal. Achieving such a milestone feels akin to actualizing a dream.

Earlier this year, when I erroneously said Money in the Bank instead of Elimination Chamber, I felt determined to win this match. It was a moment of prophecy, a truly unique experience." Rectifying a potential career-long joke turned out to be a powerful motivator.

Priest now holds a tool that could alter his destiny yet again. Although the briefcase doesn't ensure a championship, history demonstrates a pattern of contract cash-ins leading to world champion titles. Considering Priest's recent winning streak, his future might well follow a similar trajectory.

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