WWE Raw Ratings Plummet Following Money in the Bank Aftermath Episode


WWE Raw Ratings Plummet Following Money in the Bank Aftermath Episode
WWE Raw Ratings Plummet Following Money in the Bank Aftermath Episode

Despite riding high on the wave of the weekend's much-anticipated Money in the Bank event, WWE Raw found itself grappling with a challenging feat. This week's episode, broadcast on the eve of the Independence Day holiday in the United States, was destined to face a steep struggle to retain its television audience.

The key question remains: how significantly did the holiday impinge upon Raw's viewership ratings? As reported by Wrestlenomics, WWE Raw's Monday night broadcast attracted an average of 1,828,000 viewers in total. This figure indicates a roughly 7% slump from the viewership numbers of the previous week.

A significant portion of this audience, approximately 634,000, belonged to the much-coveted "key demo" category, comprising adults aged between 18 and 49. This demographic segment accounted for a P18-49 rating of 0.49, revealing a precipitous 20% fall from the preceding Monday's statistics.

Hourly Breakdown Episode Decline

Delving further into the broadcast's granular performance, Pro Wrestling Torch disclosed an hour by hour breakdown for Monday's Raw. The inaugural hour witnessed an average viewership of 1,854,000 in total, but this figure began to wane in the subsequent hours.

The second hour drew an average viewership of 1,843,000, which dwindled further to 1,787,000 by the third and final hour. Nevertheless, amidst this downward trend spanning the entire three hours, Wrestlenomics' quarter-hour analysis painted a more nuanced picture.

The viewership numbers for Monday night's Raw reached their zenith at the commencement of the third hour. This peak coincided with the Women's World Title match between champion Rhea Ripley and challenger Natalya, captivating as many as 1,950,000 viewersship.

However, this peak was followed by a sharp dip in viewership. The third hour concluded with only 1,767,000 viewers for remaining to watch the climactic event: the face-off between WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins and Dominik Mysterio.

This figure underlines the stark contrast between the peak viewership and the audience numbers during the final stages of the show.