Matt Cardona: Wrestling's Phoenix, Rising from Counted Out to Comeback King

Matt Cardona talks post-WWE success and future aspirations.

by Noman Rasool
Matt Cardona: Wrestling's Phoenix, Rising from Counted Out to Comeback King

In a recent candid interview with Sports Illustrated, independent wrestling sensation and former belt-collector, Matt Cardona, discussed his thrilling journey post-WWE. The dynamo confessed he's currently basking in the most lucrative phase of his career, while also relishing the liberty to craft his timetable.

He confessed to a yearning for a return to renowned arenas like Madison Square Garden or another electrifying WrestleMania moment but stressed he isn't discontented living his current dream.

Cardona Embraces Independent Wrestling Freedom

Cardona declared, "I relish the freedom, I revel in orchestrating my schedule.

When you’re within the realm of WWE or AEW, such autonomy is non-existent. While I won't deny the occasional longing for a triumphant return to Madison Square Garden or a craving for another WrestleMania highlight, I remain content in my current trajectory." However, the former WWE star's satisfaction with his present doesn't preclude a future stint at these illustrious venues.

He clarified, "Should the opportunity present itself, I’m open to engaging in dialogue. Presently, I'm raking in the highest income of my career, having the time of my life, and performing at an unparalleled level. Therefore, it would require an irresistible offer for me to consider signing elsewhere." Further into the conversation, Cardona touched on his unique journey, speaking of being repeatedly written off, only to defy the odds each time.

He posits that he holds a singular place in wrestling history for his unrivaled series of comebacks. In his own words, "There’s not a single soul in the annals of this profession who’s been counted out and returned more than I have.

I have faced countless dismissals, and at times, I even counted myself out. But I've never conceded defeat. I'm relentless in my pursuit to embody the best version of myself." Cardona's remarkable perseverance and tenacity serve as an inspiration for many, proving that no matter how many times one is written off, resilience and determination can chart the course for an impressive comeback. Indeed, as Cardona's journey illustrates, sometimes the most fulfilling and rewarding paths are those less trodden.

Matt Cardona